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The 2023-24 BudgetHealth Workforce Budget Solutions

By Legislative Analyst Office and published by

Summary. As part of a series of solutions aimed at addressing the state’s budget problem, the Governor proposes delaying or reducing a number of limited-term health workforce initiatives adopted in last year’s budget. This post provides background on the state’s health workforce and last year’s package of initiatives, describes the Governor’s proposed budget solutions, and offers our assessment and recommendations. Generally, turning to limited-term initiatives for delays and reductions is a reasonable approach to addressing the state’s budget problem. That said, we recommend the Legislature weigh the Governor’s proposed health workforce budget solutions against other possible approaches, such as by targeting a different mix of health workforce initiatives for solutions or scaling back last year’s very broad package. We also recommend the Legislature keep apprised of health workforce issues and their impact on broader state health policy efforts in the coming years.


In this section, we provide background on the state’s health workforce, as well as the state’s package of health workforce initiatives adopted in the 2022-23 budget.

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