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Defining & Refining Strategic Marketing Plans

Step 1:  An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors is key to identifying opportunities in this changing marketplace. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats. We look at your competition, by market, and assess their approach to market based on key elements relevant to your business vertical. Simultaneously, we do a deep dive in your conversion data and assess the conversion funnel by an aggregate benchmark, and then by market and product. This identifies key breakage points in your conversion funnel and more importantly, areas of opportunity for improved results.​​

Step 2:  We help you understand consumer needs—from those that choose you to the ones that don't—so you have a clearer picture of the opportunities ahead. Our rapid research is designed to keep you focused on accelerated growth in an ever-changing marketplace.

Step 3: All this is designed to provide a roadmap to maximizing opportunities—from understanding how to better engage and convert prospects in your current sweet spot, to identifying additional segments for growth. This analysis of competitive and consumer preference data will include key insights—culled from the data, and combined with our deep experience with a variety business verticals.  We then map these to specific points in your funnel metric, to show you how to impact engagement and conversion. The result is a list of specific action items—and a clearer picture of priorities to address for maximum return.

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