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Following education, workforce trends, FL may introduce career-themed courses in middle school

By Shelby Kearns and published by

A bipartisan bill recently introduced in the Florida State House would help expand career-themed courses for middle school students as applications for jobs requiring vocational education plummet nationwide.

HB 455, referred to the Choice and Innovation Subcommittee on Feb. 1, could show students alternatives to a four-year degree by introducing them to vocational education at an earlier age.

The bill amends Florida law on career-themed courses. School districts currently offer at least two career-themed courses, or those “lead[ing] to an industry certification” that “have industry-specific curriculum aligned directly to priority workforce needs,” according to the bill.

Florida law encourages each high school to offer one career-themed course. If passed, the bill would go into effect on July 1, 2023, and encourage school districts to offer courses identified by the Florida Department of Education for middle school students.

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